Start of ThinKnx

ThinKnx project started in 2011 with the aim to create a powerful supervision system for the KNX world. The skills and experience of Pulsar Engineering srl has led to the development of different devices which have accomplished the first goal of this project. The continuous research in home & building automation systems and the will to always improve the existing products brought ThinKnx system to integrate even other famous building automation protocols, such as Modbus, Lutron etc. and different systems like HVAC, audio/video etc. obtaining a powerful and innovative supervision system.

Our Vision

A strong passion for technology and innovation drives ThinKnx team to keep on working for improving products, and searching for new solutions on the cutting-edge of technology with the aim of remaining the trailblazer for supervision systems. A constant attention to the requests and suggestions of the customers, helps ThinKnx staff to better understand the market requests and to adapt the products to the actual needs of the final users. We keep a lot of attention to maintain a simple and intuitive interface in order to facilitate the installer and the final user.
ThinKnx is always open to new partnerships and collaborations all over the world which can give an additional value to our products.

Quality Driven

We put a lot of attention in the productive procedure, starting from the design & development which takes place in our headquarter in Milan. The assembling of all our products takes place in Italy by high-qualified staff and every step is performed with care for the details in order to obtain an high-quality product. This assures us a full control on the quality and reliability of our products.