Loa outdoor i80

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Discrete design
You also want to enjoy the first class sound of your Revox system in the kitchen, the bathroom or on the terrace without having to place additional speakers? With the Re:sound I series, we have created a speaker series that combines awe-some sound with the greatest visual discretion. The high quality sound converters can be integrated seamlessly into any room design and the sound impresses through its stunning presence and richness, in equal measure.

True Revox: The sound
In spite of the optimised dimensions, the Re:sound I series delivers an amazing sound. The low mid-rangers provide a sound volume with power and clarity in the low frequency range so that in most cases, additional bass speakers are unnecessary. The result is a brilliant, space-filling sound without any visible technology imposing itself on the room. With the Re:sound I inceiling 80 stereo speaker, a high quality stereo sound is possible with just one speaker when space is at a premium. Problem-free and simple installation is guaranteed thanks to the low-profile build-in depth of all I series speakers.

No compromise on music enjoyment
Size is not an issue for the ICS 80, whether it is deployed in small or large rooms. In either case, it is ideally suited to produce a discrete but high quality sound. Full bass, high load capacity and an increased efficiency factor are amongst its strengths. And thanks to the optional fitted housing, its sound characteristics can be further optimised. Giving you music enjoyment without needing to make compromises.

Kỹ thuật

Kỹ thuật

Power: 80 / 110 Watt
RFrequency: 50 Hz – 22 kHz
Sensitivity: 88 dB
Impedance: 6Ω
Dimensions(Width x Height x Depth): 186x255x166 mm
Weight: 2.8kg