Hệ thống âm nhạc đa vùng ở khách sạn Chedi ở Andermatt

In the heart of Europe’s Alpine region and surrounded by breathtaking mountains and valleys, Andermatt is perfectly situated in idyllic mountain scenery. Hardly any other location in Switzerland combines traditional Region values so uniquely with the vision of a luxury, state-of-the-art holiday destination. Welcome to Andermatt.

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Four seasons
in Andermatt

The idyllic mountain landscape in the Swiss Alps is as varied as the four seasons. Reliable mountain snowfall, green meadows and slopes, cultivated and natural areas invite visitors to stay longer. Choose your favourite season:

Andermatt Swiss Alps Development
Reach for the stars

The Andermatt Vision is for six 4 to 5-star hotels in the years ahead, as well as several hundred holiday apartments and a wide selection of leisure facilities. In 2014, approval was obtained to expand the SkiArena Andermatt-Sedrun, starting in 2015. The 18-hole championship golf course , finished in 2013 and due to open to the public in 2016, is another key to the success of this project.

High ambitions  at 1,447 m above sea level

1600-Room-Interior-1126x604A new world is being created –
Andermatt Swiss Alps in figures:

1 project
25 luxury villas
42 apartment buildings
96 % voted for new Andermatt
490 Residence apartments
2400 m² spa amenities at The Chedi Andermatt
120’000 m ski slopes
1’300’000 m² golf course
1’800’000’000 investment funding

The Chedi Andermatt Hotel & Appartment là khách sạn 5 sao tại vùng núi Alps, Thụy Sỹ.

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Vào đầu năm 2014, khách sạn169 phòng này đã được lắp đặt toàn bộ Hệ thống Âm nhạc đa vùng của Revox : 50 phòng với 1 zone audio, 85 phòng với 2 zone audio (phòng ngủ & En suite) và 34 phòng với 3 zone audio