Thessoni hotel

The Trend Hotel Zurich-Regensdorf was renovated comprehensively and is now managed under the name Thessoni classic. The new design concept integrates Swissness in a charming manner and takes up the theme„Handcraft“, which characterises the region ever since. All hotel sections are furnished with premium materials from nature such as wood, stone and leather. With its 49 guest rooms and suites, Thessoni classic addresses to seminar guests and recreational visitors.

Thessoni (35)

In a first stage, the entire ground floor with all restaurant areas and seminar rooms were completely rearranged.
The new Thessoni classic made high demands on the technics. Not only the seminar rooms with miscellaneous guests and their diverse requirements had to be considered, but also the different subject areas of restaurant, bar and visitors‘ lounges. In the modern world, rooms must be able to be used flexibly and entertainment needs to follow the guests‘ demands.

The executing company, ProBus Technik AG from Rothenburg in the canton of Lucerne, adopted the complete planning of building automation and Revox Multiroom system. All rooms can now be controlled comfortably via iPad and Co. Ingeniously pre-programmed scenes facilitate the daily use by staff or guests.

IMG_4248As centrepiece of the Revox Multiroom System acts a Revox M10 system with the required M219 room amplifiers in the plant room. All rooms are equipped with classy Revox Shelf speakers bringing astonishingly audiophile pleasure into the entire restaurant area. The integrated Multimedia modules – offering access to thousands of internet radio stations from all over the world or music from the in-house network attached storage – serve amongst others as music source

Along with some Revox column speakers, a Revox M100 system acts up to high performance in the trendily furnished living
room and makes you round the day off after a delicious dinner. Over the popular and easy to handle wall control units in the design of a light switch, the staff can react quickly with the guests‘ musical requests in the bar.