Âm nhạc Revox


Dòng loa đỉnh cao của Revox

The Prestige G140 speaker offers clear, highly detailed and authentic sound reproduction with full, deep bass notes, clearly defined midranges and precise trebles. Four long-throw bass drivers, a low-distortion mid-range speaker and a tweeter with a large fabric membrane ensure the uncompromisingly precise and powerful sound quality of the Prestige G140. This elegant sound column with an 8 mm thick glass front panel and glass base delivers excellent sound results, not only as a stereo speaker, but also in sophisticated surround arrangements.

Thông số kỹ thuật


87dB/1m/2,83 V

36 – 30000 Hz

4 Ohm

4 x 116 mm, aramide fiber

1 x 116 mm, aramide fiber

30 mm fabric dome type

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